A Passwordless Login Experience

Tap to log in

With the Vancosys Authenticator, you can use your smartphone to log in to your computer using a simple tap gesture. There is no need to remember, or retype passwords! Tapping is faster, and more intuitive than inserting and removing a USB security key, and there is no need to carry around additional hardware in your pocket. Your smartphone is all you need!

Strong Security

Passwords, which are inherently weak and insecure, are now obsolete! Strong authentication is achieved using hardware-based, asymmetric public-key cryptography, built on top of the widely accepted open authentication standards of FIDO2 and FIDO U2F. Biometric capabilities of the phone can be used to further enhance security.

Works with Existing Smartphones

The Vancosys Authenticator is the only roaming Authenticator that enables Tap to log in (first factor), and Tap to Authenticate (second and multi-factor) gestures across all existing major smartphones, including many of the older versions of iOS and Android devices.

Passwordless is Going Mainstream

The FIDO2 standard, backed by major platform vendors such as Google and Microsoft, will usher in a new era of ubiquitous, strong authentication. The Vancosys Authenticator is built on top of these new platform capabilities, to provide a seamless, Tap to log in experience.

How It Works

The Vancosys Authenticator works in conjunction with our plug-and-play Authentication Terminal (for laptops), and Authentication Pad (for desktops), which stay in the computer. To log in, simply tap either surface with your smartphone. Your login is then confirmed using the biometric capabilities of your phone. No typing on your computer is required during the login process!

meet the team

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